Community Rules

  The Community rules will replace the existing park rules on 12th February 2016.

However, for all new home owners from 1st November 2015 onward the Community Rules will apply immediately.

BROADLANDS Village Green Point   Community Rules 

Residential (Land Lease) Communities ACT 2013 Part 8



1.1 The age restriction for the community is that persons must be at least 50 years of age to occupy a residential site. A home owner must not allow a person to occupy a residential site unless that person meets this age restriction.


2.1 Within the meaning of the Civil Liberty Act 2000 you are warned that you and other persons who engage in any recreational activity in the community, that the pursuit of such activities may result in harm or personal injury. All persons who engage in a recreational activity do so at their own risk.

3.0      FIRE SAFETY

3.1 You should exercise due care when dealing with fire, both inside and outside the home, including, but not limited to, when using a barbeque and other outdoor cooking facilities

3.2 At all times, you and your guests must comply with fire bans and restrictions imposed by emergency services.

3.3 Flammable materials, such as chemicals, liquids or gases, in excess of normal household quantities must not be stored on your site or in your home.

 4.0      MAINTENANCE:

4.1 All residents must maintain their dwelling and gardens in good repair, in a neat and tidy

condition and compliant to the Local Government Regulations for manufactured home estates.

4.2 All homes must have a painted timber surround on all sides of the home from the bottom of the home to the ground with dressed and painted timber with no more than 2.5cm gaps.

4.3 All carports & garden sheds must have gutters and drains connected to the community stormwater system.

4.4 No carport or garden sheds are to be erected or replaced without management’s written approval. If approved, they must be sited as specified by management.

4.5 No external alterations, additions or extensions are to be made to the dwelling or to the site without management’s WRITTEN approval (this includes external water tanks) 

5.0      STORAGE

5.1 You must not use decks, carports or common areas as storage space without our consent. Including, but not limited to, storing items such as paint tins, bottles, boxes, luggage, garden tools, electrical equipment and furniture other than specifically designed outdoor furniture.


6.1 Placing of laundry for drying on front veranda railings is prohibited. 

6.2 Only properly affixed clothes lines at the rear or in the carport of the homes are permitted.

7.0       NOISE:

7.1 All noise within the community must be kept to a minimum at all times. Noise which could disturb other residents must cease after 10pm.

7.2 Noisy cars and bikes are not permitted in the community.

7.3 Radios, TV’s and/ or computer game noise levels must be kept to an acceptable level at all times

7.4 Power tools can only be operated between the following hours:-

Monday to Friday:  7.00am – 5.00pm   Saturday:  8.00am – 2.00pm    Sunday – not at all.


8.0      VEHICLES:

8.1 All traffic within the community must not exceed 10km/h

8.2 Unlicensed drivers are not permitted to drive a vehicle inside the community. 

8.3 No mechanical repairs (other than minor repairs) is to be carried out within in the community.

8.4 No unregistered vehicles are permitted within the community at any time.


9.1 All signs posted by management on common areas, such as those about hours of use, form part of these rules and must be obeyed.

9.2 You must not obstruct or permit the obstruction of walkways, entrances, security features, lighting or other parts of the common areas.

9.3 When on common areas everybody must be adequately clothed, must not use inappropriate language or behave in a manner likely to cause offence or embarrassment to another person.

9.4 Smoking is not permitted in any building (other than your home) or other enclosed parts of common areas.


10.1 The pool and pool area is primarily for Residents only. To avoid overcrowding and for the comfort of Residents, visitor’s use of the pool may be restricted.

10.2 All children must be supervised by an adult or by a responsible person over the age of 16.     10.3 No bombing, running, skylarking, aggressive or offensive behaviour is permitted.

10.4 Persons failing to act responsibly in the Pool area will be prohibited from using the pool for a period nominated by the manager.

10.5 The pool area may be used between the hours of 7.30am – 8pm in summer and 7.30am to 5pm in winter.

10.6 Management reserves the right to close the pool area for cleaning and maintenance or emergencies at any time and or for any other reason with the required notice as prescribed under the Act. The pool is only accessible with a Broadlands master gate key.

10.7 All rubbish is to be removed when exiting the area.

11.0     LAUNDRY: The laundry is only accessible with a Broadlands master gate key.

11.1 For Residents who do not have their own laundry facilities within their home, the community’s laundry may be used between 8am and 7pm.

11.2 Children under the age of 16 are not permitted in the laundry block unless accompanied by an adult person.

11.3 Persons using the laundry must ensure that they leave the room in a tidy manner after use.

11.4 The washing of anything other than clothes is strictly prohibited. The washing of dishes, kitchen utensils or any other objects is strictly prohibited.


12.1 Riding of bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, skates, billycarts, ball games or similar recreational items or activities are strictly prohibited within the community roadways or paths.


13.1 Sites are to be kept clean and tidy at all times. The resident is responsible for the maintenance of their own site including lawns and gardens, ornamental shrubs and trees on their site.

13.2 No rubbish or disused items including furniture are to be left lying around the home or stored underneath the home.

13.3 Residents are permitted to plant small plants and shrubs on their site. However, only shallow digging to 12” (30cm) deep is permitted due to the fact that underground services are located throughout the Estate which may be damaged by digging

      NOTE: The Home owner will be required to pay for any damage caused as a result of digging lower than the approved depth

14.0     PETS:

14.1 Dogs and cats are not permitted. For other pets, permission is required by Management and may be refused.


15.1 Broadlands Management’s responsibility is to remove Household rubbish ONLY. It is the resident’s responsibility to properly dispose of other goods such as old furniture and electrical appliances etc.

15.2 Residents must ensure that all garbage is placed in secured garbage bags in a neat and tidy manner.

15.3 GARBAGE CAN ONLY BE PUT OUT FOR COLLECTION by 8.30am ON THE MORNING OF COLLECTION  AND NOT BEFORELeaving rubbish out overnight attracts animals and is a health hazard and is strictly prohibited.


16.1 No storage of goods or parking of any vehicles, boats or trailers is permitted on the community lawns and /or open space areas at any time.

16.2 Residents are required to park their car, trailers, boats and caravans within their own site. If the site does not have parking space, the Resident is permitted to park one vehicle sideways with two wheels on the roadway. This is to ensure clear passage for emergency vehicles.

16.3 It is prohibited to park large vehicles, trucks, unregistered vehicles, boats, trailers & caravans or any large item on the road or in the visitors’ car park at any time.

16.4 Visitors are not permitted to park on the roadway at anytime. They must use the visitors parking areas.

16.5 Unregistered vehicles, boats, trailers & caravans cannot be stored within the community and must be removed upon request.

16.6 The Residential Agreement does not include extra storage space for boats, trailers & caravans whether registered or not (other than on the residents own site)

17.0     FIRE HOSES

17.1 It is illegal and a serious breach of the Community Rules for any resident to use the fire hoses for anything other than a fire emergency           

18.0     CLUB HOUSE 

18.1 This facility is for Residents only use. Residents are responsible for the cleaning and tidiness of the Hall after each use. Any equipment used should be returned to its storage area.

18.2 Private functions are not permitted

18.3 Cooking within the hall is not permitted – only heating and microwaving is allowed.

18.4 The BBQ is to be cleaned and turned fully off  after each use.

18.5 Booking of the hall is required for group activities, meetings and / or Residents social events.

18.6 No smoking is permitted in the Hall

 18.7 Hours of use are:-

            Summer – daylight savings times

            Sunday to Thursday 10am-8.00pm

            Friday & Saturday 10am-9.30pm


            Monday to Sunday – 10.00am – 5.30pm

18.8 Noise is to be kept to a reasonable standard at all times. The only exception is when a function has been booked in which case the summer (daylight savings period) operating times will apply


19.1 In relation to the safety of persons and property within the residential areas, park   surveillance cameras have been installed in and around the Social Club Hall.

19.2 No person is to damage, vandalise or otherwise interfere with these surveillance cameras.


20.1 You are, under section 106 of the Act, entitled to display a “ for sale “ sign in or on the home, but only if you first inform us of the intention to offer the home for sale.

20.2  Any “for sale” sign displayed on the home:

i. must not exceed in size 600mm x 500mm.

ii. must include, in point size at least 12, the following words: “ Any prospective purchaser must contact the operator before paying any monies for the purchase of this home. It is essential that you get a Disclosure Statement and have the operator’s approval to live in the community”


21.1 Residents are responsible for all visitors and guests at all times. Any visitor or guest who seriously or repeatedly breaks these rules may be asked to leave the community immediately.

21.2 Visitors are not permitted to park on the roadway at all and must use the visitors parking areas


22.1 You must ensure that you comply with the emergency evacuation procedures in place in the community.

23.0    CCTV

23.1 No CCTV cameras are to be installed by residents that may encroach on other residence’s personal privacy.


The Community Rules form part of the Residential Agreement


In these rules:

Act means the Residential (Land Lease) Communities Act 2013

Common arears means any amenities, building, facilities, open space, road or other area provided for common use in the community. (see section 4 of the Act common area)

We, our and us mean the operator of the community, and includes our employees, agents or representatives.

You and your mean any resident in the community.